Winter BLAST!

February 14th-17th

Winter Blast Registration

Staff Information

*Please bring all medications (over-the-counter included) in its original packaging.

Leader Expectations

  1. Leaders are expected to participate in activities and discussions, and may be called upon to lead small group discussions.
  2. Leaders will NOT drive themselves to an off-site event without first consulting the retreat director.
  3. Leaders' conduct is expected to be positive, unifying, and non-divisive.
  4. Clothing and attire will be modest and appropriate at all times.
  5. Please arrive at the designated drop off location no sooner than 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, unless otherwise established by your church's youth leader.
  6. Please contact your youth leader about directly contacting the kitchen staff if you have dietary restrictions. It may be your responsibility to provide food items for the trip, though we will do everything we can to assist you.

By inputing my name below, I, the above mentioned leader, acknowledge that I have read the expectations for my conduct listed above, and I agree to follow these expectations. I acknowledge that failing to follow the above expectations may result in my early departure from this event.