Winter BLAST!

February 14th-17th

Winter Blast Registration

Student Information

Please bring any medications (over-the-counter included) in the original packaging.

Student Expectations

  1. Students are expected to participate in activities and discussions.
  2. Students will NOT drive themselves to an off-site event without prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Students' conduct is expected to be positive, unifying, and non-divisive.
  4. Activities and games will require varying degrees of physical involvement.
  5. Clothing and attire will be modest and appropriate at all times
  6. Students will not leave the buildings, or be without an adult chaperone representative of NWGYC at any time.
  7. Students will surrender all electronic devices, including but not limited to, cell phones, music listening devices, gaming devices, etc. upon arrival at the retreat location.

By inputing my name below, I, the above mentioned student, acknowledge that I have read the expectations for my conduct listed above, and I agree to follow these expectations. I acknowledge that failing to follow the above expectations may result in my early departure from this event.

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Consent
Please read carefully. The student listed above desires to participate in various programs, events or activities (herein collectively referred to as activities) operated or sponsored by Northwest Grace Youth Camp (herein after referred to as NWGYC). The undersigned parent or legal guardian of the above named minor acknowledges and consents to the students participation in these activities. It is further understood and acknowledged by the student and parent/legal guardian that the student may incur personal injury or bodily damage while participating in such activities. Therefore it is the policy and practice of NWGYC that students are not allowed to participate in activities without prior releasing of NWGYC and holding NWGYC harmless in regard to liability. By signing below, the parent or legal guardian agrees to release, and forever discharge NWGYC, their officers, directors, employees, agents and any parties volunteering on behalf of NWGYC from all actions, claims costs, expenses or damages of any kind growing out of or related to any activity of NWGYC in which the student participates.The parent or legal guardian acknowledges that this is a full and complete release for all injuries and damages which the student may sustain as a result of the student’s participation in any NWGYC activity. Further, by providing the medical information in the space provided above, the parent or legal guardian gives their permission to NWGYC and/or any of its agents acting on behalf of NWGYC the right to seek emergency medical attention for the minor student listed above by a qualified and licensed medical doctor in the event of a medical emergency which, in the opinion of the attending physician may endanger his/her life, cause disfigurement, physical impairment, or undue discomfort if delayed while said minor is participating in an activity of NWGYC, including transportation to and from the activity site. This authority is granted only after a reasonable attempt has been made to contact the undersigned. Further, by the signing of this document the parent or legal guardian acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for any medical costs incurred if medical care is considered necessary. Further, by submitting this registration in either electronic or printed form, I give NWGYC and its officers permission to use my child’s picture for promotional purposes, including brochures, pamphlets and web site promotional pages. Parents/Guardians: I acknowledge my responsibility to transport my son/daughter from the activities of NWGYC to home, including any monetary results forfeited for travel and registration fees, in the event a violation of the student expectations occurs, and it is deemed necessary that my son/daughter should not continue as a camper @ NWGYC.

Please Pay Special Attention to the Following Parent Expectations

  1. Please have your student at the designated drop off location no sooner than 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, unless otherwise established by your church's youth leader.
  2. Please be ready to pick up your student no later than 15 minutes after return, unless otherwise established by your church's youth leader.
  3. Please contact your youth leader about directly contacting the kitchen staff if your student has dietary restrictions. It may be your responsibility to provide food items for the trip, though we will do everything we can to assist you.